I am many things, but my name is SHA'CONDRIA “iCON” (Sices-Sibley), an Alexandria, Louisiana native and longtime New Orleans-based poet, multi-inspired artist, verbal healer, and visionary, whose work spans across page, stage, canvas, music, talk radio, and short film. Raised in the southern missionary baptist church tradition with an educational background in biology and public health, my work naturally intersects between spirituality and healing. A champion of poetry and art as healing and liberation tools, I share my work and workshops inside schools, universities, prisons, juvenile detention centers, at conferences and festivals and have worked for over a decade and counting, creating, organizing, and hosting community-centered, arts-driven events. 

Through writing, poetry/spoken word, performance art, singing, songwriting, painting, drawing, and organizing and curating spaces and events, I tell stories and create experiences intended to educate, enlighten, and empower both myself and others toward [w]holistic wellness and wholeness---stories and experiences rooted in my small town southern American (i.e. “country”), religious upbringing, ancestral recollection, inspirations, and personal growth and evolution journey. I use my voice, body, lens, and experience as a Blk Woman of Louisiana Afro-Indigenous heritage, in collaboration with writing material, microphone, loop pedal, paintbrush, acrylic paint, canvas, and sometimes, other artists to narrate and share these stories and experiences. My artistic practice is a collaged love letter to and the gospel of southern (rural) Blk/ Afro-Indigenous people that the whole world is welcome to read.

A multiple-time national poetry slam champion and viral spoken word artist, I appeared on TV One's Verses and Flow, and my work has been featured on many platforms including Huffington PostFor HarrietTeen Vogue, and BBC World Radio. I am also featured on multiple recording projects alongside Grammy Award-winning artists. I am the author of My Name Is Pronounced Holy: A Collection of Poems, Prayers, Rememberings, and Reclamations.